The top 10 must-have athleisure pieces for 2019

Athleisure is all the rage right now – and for good reason! With everyone from supermodels to singers to professional athletes sporting this style on the streets, why wouldn’t you want to jump on this comfortable bandwagon? Check out these must-have athleisure pieces and kick off the new year in some trendy gym gear that can easily transition to all of your daily activities.


The perfect pair of leggings

Everyone knows that the perfect pair of leggings are a game-changer when it comes to training, but the same could be said for the perfect athleisure ensemble. Take your favorite fitness apparel item from your gym selfies to a day on the town by pairing it with a fun graphic tee, your favorite sneakers and a ball cap.


Loose fitting tanks

Transition your favorite gym shirts to a casual daytime look in a snap. Not only do these make the perfect workout apparel, but these tanks are great for layering with a classic denim jacket or a colorful bomber jacket. With the flowy fit that leaves you room to breathe, you’ll never want to wear another tank again.


Trendy sports bras

We know that once you find your match-made-in-heaven sports bra, you never want to take it off. Quickly transition your gym apparel to daytime appropriate clothing by layering a cutout tank or t-shirt on top. Your crisscrossed sports bra with a fun pattern will peek through the shirt, revealing a unique pop of color to your casual look.


Comfortable sweatshirts

A comfortable sweatshirt may be a staple for your fitness clothing stash, but it can also be a great addition to your athleisure closet. Pair it with any item of clothing from bodybuilder wear to weight lifting clothes to casual jeans for the perfect lived-in athleisure look.


Moto leggings

Are you striving to look trendy and polished without all the hassle? Look no further than a pair of neutral moto leggings, a white bodybuilder t-shirt or gym stringer tank, a jacket and a hat. Pair the look with your favorite sunglasses and fitness accessories for an on-trend look.


Mesh tops

A staple to your bodybuilding clothes collection, these textured tops can easily pass for high fashion. Grab this style of shirt in an array of colors and fits to compliment your tried-and-true pair of distressed jeans and converse.


Soft joggers

Potentially the most comfortable of all gym fit clothing, joggers make the perfect bodybuilding gear and lazy day apparel. Grab your favorite pair of joggers, a comfortable muscle shirt or workout top, and a pair of workout shoes for a quick and easy outfit.


Solid shoes

Everyone knows that one of the most crucial pieces in your bodybuilding workout clothes collection is your comfortable trainers. While you may have a variety of styles in funky patterns and bright neon colors, consider sticking with a solid pair of neutral colored sneakers for your athleisure look. Not only will they blend in seamlessly with the outfit you choose, but they will also offer support all day long.


Stretchy shorts

Whether you are a fan of bodybuilding shorts or compression shorts, you can find a way to make an outfit around this bodybuilding apparel item. Match the shorts with a knotted tee and a top knot, or go for a loose fitting t-shirt and sneakers to balance out the look.


Track jackets

Who said fitness clothing isn’t high fashion? Possibly the most popular athleisure item, track jackets are worn by celebrities as workout clothes in the gym and as casual wear all over the streets of Hollywood. Throw on a track jacket with matching track pants or a pair of denim jeans to embrace the style outside of the gym.  

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