Everything you wanted to know about Monsta Clothing, the Founders, and how the company started.

Chris Cuadras

Let’s meet the creative brain-child behind the Monsta Clothing brand. Chris Cuadras is a native of Florida, hailing from the tropical paradise of Miami Beach. Chris grew up involved in sports focusing in basketball and weightlifting. With a strong Catholic background, Chris was enrolled in private school from the seventh grade threw high school. A true student/athlete, Chris always kept high honors while mixing athletes with school time.

But don’t think he was a goody-goody. When not in school, Chris was lifting weights and going out to late-night clubs on the strip of the world famous South Beach. While his older brother at his side (and his brothers fake ID that he gave him), they hit the clubs until the late hours partying it up with some of the hottest women that Miami had to offer. While his other friends were going to high school keg parties, Chris was getting a real-world education into the seedy-side of Miami’s night-life. And boy was it a trip!

After partying up the night-life throughout high school, Chris got excepted to attend Florida State University in the fall of 1994. Here at Florida State, Chris fell in love with bodybuilding. The school gym, “The Leach Center” was the baddest gym he has ever seen. Three stories of a fitness playground, tricked out with all the latest fitness equipment and toys. Some could say that college was about training and partying. Oh yeah, he mixed in some school a little bit too. First two years of college was all about having fun, training and going out at night to the clubs.

It wasn’t until the middle of his sophomore year when his life would change for ever. He met, who would eventually be, the love of his life (Michele Paphides). The two grew close over the next two years. Chris knew that he had met the woman of his dreams and was determined to be the man for her. They spent all their free time together when they were not in class or the gym.

Chris started his major focus of studio arts. It all wasn’t a clear choice at first as he struggled with finding out what desired discipline of art he would focus on. In fact, his first class was a drawing class in which he was surrounded by weird-ass freaks with green and blue hair. Not the typical crowd Chris was used to associating with. In fact the class was so strange, I feel compelled to tell you a little story about the final days of this first class. During these classes, we would have to draw a desired topic and do what is called a critique. This is where you go around and talk about what you think about the drawings. This was sometimes fun, but most of the time brutal because people would take this opportunity to shred apart your work and point out every mistake or flaw. But it did help make you a better artist so I took it serious.

It was time for our final critique of the year and the teacher was a very earthy, holistic type of person. She was out there, you could say. She said she had a great idea and wanted to do the final critique at her house. “This would be like a swank wine and cheese art gallery showing” she said. So she invited the entire class over to her house. There were about 20 of us in the class. We all pull up to her house. A typical craftsman style house in urban Tallahassee. She welcomes us all in with a sense of excitement in her voice. We all came in quite and not knowing what to expect.

We all had our art books and she invited us in. She said: “Make yourself at home. I am running a little behind schedule. I need to run down the street to get the wine.” Let’s all point out that we were ALL under age and here our teacher is providing us wine in her house. Let’s all count the laws she is breaking both legally and with the college. But we all thought she was cool so we all plaid along. Plus, who doesn’t like to get drunk in the middle of the day for a grade?

While she was gone, we all decided to look around her house. Typical kids just snooping around. Her house was very unassuming. Looked like something out of Cracker Barrel. Chris started walking around the house observing the little bits of decor she had around. Then Chris noticed something that seemed strange and out of place. He noticed an old-time metal iron sitting on a bookshelf. He thought that was a very strange object to be sitting there. He went closer to examine the piece and decided to pick it up. The piece was facing out with the handle ready to be grabbed.

He reached out and picked it up and turned it around. To his shock and surprise, he discovered something no one would have ever expected. There was a vagina sculpted onto the flat side of the iron! Now when he says sculpted, it was fully detailed with realistic hair and all! Not believing what he has seen, he quickly turns and shows the rest of the class what he found.

The room went silent with a jaw-dropping awe that filled the air. Then everyone busted out into laughter as to what they have seen. We all thought that our teacher was a FREAK! Everyone scattered around looking for more pieces of art. And oh did we find some of the strangest pieces of art. We found eggs that have been sculpted on to have a “woman’s honny pot” on it. There was a book that sat on the shelf that the cover had been sculpted with “Ms. Muff” on it. We even found an old golf club that the head of the golf club had a “woman’s pink taco” on it. This woman was obsessed with VAJAYJAY! The entire time the teacher was gone, the entire class was in a buzz over the new discoveries they have found. Chris, knowing that there had to be more to find, decided to check out her bedroom. With no disappointment, Chris discovered her crown jewel. Above her bed was a massive ‘woman’s penis fly-trap” that she sculpted. When I say massive, it had to be at least 16” to 18” tall and fully sculpted out in its all natural beauty (yeah...70’s bush and all!)

By this time, the teacher came home with the wine and the room got silent as no one knew what to say. Being the out-spoken one of the group, Chris was busting at the seems to ask the million dollar question. The teacher asked if everyone liked her place. Chris replied: “Yeah, it’s nice, but what’s the deal with all the “woman’s fur burger” you have scattered around this place?” The room was silent as the other students couldn’t believe that he asked the question. The teacher then burst out and said: “I love the female form and female vagina. It is what I like to sculpt. I like seeing what different types of environments I can sculpt it onto.” She was not mad or shocked by the question, she was excited... a little crazy look in her eyes, but excited none the less. Everyone busted out into laughter and acceptance that she was not mad. Then the teacher said: “If you like those, wait until I show you my latest piece I did.” She asked the entire class to go outside onto the front lawn. We all went out there with a confused and curious fealing about us.

Then, all of the sudden, the front door opened wide, we all turned to see. And what we saw, no one in there wildest dreams would ever expect it. A motorize remote controlled dune-buggy car comes flying out the door! This was no ordinary car. The teacher had sculpted a massive “woman’s meat wallet” over the plastic body kit of the car! This was a larger than life, very detailed “woman’s bearded oyster” on wheels! We all started busting out laughing. Here is “ole Mum’s glove box” on wheels zipping around us on the grass. It had big mud terrain wheels and even had the little wire and orange antenna flag that came out the back. The teacher was in heaven having fun driving it all around us.

Not believing what he has seen, Chris had to ask if he could drive it. The teacher said sure. In fact she said: “ Hold up a minute. I have a second one so we can race.” She ran back inside and came back out with a matching car also decked out with another “Ms. Beef Curtains” sculpture on it. We each took a car out to the road, lined them up and began to race them both. Everyone was laughing so hard, no one actually knew who won the race! This was the craziest experience Chris ever had in the field of art. And this story is all 100% true. This might explain the outlandish nature of Cuadras’s designs and why they have such a following. With an influential experience like that, who wouldn’t be inspired!

Now back to the story.

After dabbling in all different sorts of art disciplines, Chris fell in love with Graphic Design and knew that this would become his life-long passion for work. Let’s make something clear. Chris knew absolutely nothing about computers. He couldn’t even tell you how to turn one on! But when he saw what he could produce with them, he knew that he would do what it took to be the best in his craft. Cuadras worked at least 40 hours a week on learning all the different tricks, tips and techniques used in graphic design. After graduating from Florida State (with honors), Chris was able to land his first real job in design at a firm back in Miami that focused in the cigar industry. Chris knew that in order to be the best in his field, he would have to put his ego aside and learn from those who have been in the industry for much longer then he was. Chris become a sponge. Soaking up as much knowledge from each place he worked. His one requirement for working was that he MUST work at a place where he WAS NOT the best designer. He wanted to be pushed and challenged so he can become better and better.

As he moved up the ranks in design, Chris decided it was time to take his life to the next level. Chris decided to ask his girlfriend at the time Michele to marry him. She said yes and they planned the wedding. Deciding that Miami wasn’t the place they wanted to raise a family, Chris decided that it was time for a move. Michele wanted to stay closer to her family so they decided to move to Jacksonville Florida. Chris had no problem finding work and continued learning and bettering his craft.

Then in 1999, the two were married and made another big decision. They decided to establish roots back in Michele’s home town of Lake City Florida. (Now you can follow the trace to see how Chris started from Miami Beach and then landed all the way up in a small southern town of Lake City Florida).

Chris found work in the neighboring town of Gainesville. This was so ironic as Chris was a die-hard Seminole and now he worked in Gator county. This wasn’t a problem for Chris as he loved finding different ways to infuse Seminole colors and styling into all of his pieces he designed (especially when he did work for the University of Florida!)

After years of work, the time had come for Chris and Michele to start a family. In November of 2004 their first child Dominic was born. Then in January of 2007 their daughter Isabella “Bella” was born. During this time, Chris had branched out on his own to start his own design firm called “SharkFin Creative”. He had numerous national accounts including high-end boat manufacturers and novelty pen manufacturers.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2008 when local gym friend Tony Curtis made the call for the two to meet and discuss the idea now known as Monsta Clothing Company. The two joined forces and started this global entity. Chris is behind all that you see and experience with Monsta Clothing. All the product designs, branding and marketing are the products of Chris’s lifelong experience in branding and designing stellar imagery that grows like a raging force in the hearts and minds of those that come into contact with it.

Tony and Chris still remain the best of friends in and out of office. Dealing with all the triumphs and struggles that a growing business go through. Learning and adapting everyday, Chris still strives to be a better version of himself in family, business and life.

And as they say, “The rest is history.”

Tony Curtis

Born and raised in Lake City Florida, Tony Curtis graduated from Columbia High School and always worked out since back in high school. Tony always worked out but never took it to the next level regarding to weightlifting. He got his first set of weights for Christmas from his parents. They were the old concrete filled, Sears plastic coated weights. He used those for many years until he began working out with a guy he knew by the name of Randy Pollard. Randy worked out regularly and he told him about the gym he went to which happened to be the only gym in town at the time. This gym was privately owned by a man named Marvin Bernett. This gym (known as Bernett’s Gym) was located at his Bernett’s house. Randy took Tony under his wing and introduced him to weightlifting and all the guys who worked out at the gym.

When he started working out with Randy at Bernett’s Gym, it was a very interesting situation. You didn’t just start working out there. You had to earn your way into the gym to be able to start training there. You had to earn the respect of the other people that worked out in the gym to almost be allowed to workout there. It was a very humbling experience at the time but looking back on it now, Tony realized that it was how it all started back in those days.

Eventually Tony got into bodybuilding and did a couple teenage events. Then he moved into doing a couple open events after gaining some more experience. Curtis also did a lot of powerlifting. He really seemed to enjoy it. Tony did a lot more powerlifting meets than he did bodybuilding events. Tony and friend Teddy Tumblen, traveled all over Florida (and up into Georgia) doing powerlifting meets. They did that for 2-3 years. Tony felt he was a lot better at powerlifting than he was at bodybuilding.

After moving from Bernett’s Gym to a few other local gyms that opened up in town, with some years passing by, Tony started thinking that he wanted to own his own gym. Curtis never went to college. He went to work right out of school for Ryder Dedicated Logistics (which worked directly for Xerox Copier). He was their warehouse manager for many years. Tony worked at Ryder for 13 years while still living at home. He made really good money and lived at home until he was 30. This allowed him to save up some money and partnered up with a good friend of his and purchased a gym which is now known as Future Fitness. This was when he contacted a good friend of his David Bedenbaugh and discussed with him the opportunity of buying the local gym that was for sell. With the help of Tony’s parents, Tony and David were able to purchase the gym which is now Future Fitness. Tony and David owned the gym for about five years together until David decided to sell his half out to Tony. Tony has owned it now all the way until present day (which is about 25 years now).

Tony had another gym in Gainesville Florida with another partner named William “Bip” Summers called “University Gym”. They bought that gym from Pete Fancher, which was formally known as “Pete’s Gym”. The two owned the gym for about 2-3 years until the birth of his son. With the travel schedule, being a dad and going back and forth to Gainesville, Tony realized it was not working out having to travel so much while being responsible for a young child. Tony and Bip decided to close the Gainesville gym down and Tony just retained the Lake City gym. At that time Tony came across, back in the day when they had womens gyms, a womens gym that was owned by a man named George Hudson. George and his father sold Tony their gym, back then known as “Fitness Lady”. Tony ran that for about a year and realized that it wasn’t making it. This was right about the time that women started integrating into the gyms with men. It was becoming more socially excepted for both genders to workout together. Therefore the womens gym wasn’t holding itself on it’s own. So Tony decided to close that gym as well. So at one point, Tony had all three gyms going at the same time. He had the Main Lake City gym “Future Fitness”, the Gainesville gym “University Gym”, and finally the womens gym “Lady Fitness”.

Before he met his wife, Tony was a partier like most others. He went out on the weekend and lived it up. Got into things he obviously shouldn’t have gotten into. Got into trouble here and there. Tony wasn’t necessarily a bad guy, just young and dumb. Learning the ways of the world. Particularly one evening, he got into quite a bit of trouble. This was the turning point in his life. This one incident turned his whole life around. The situation was pretty intense, but everything ended up working out alright. That was when he knew it was time to quit the party life and straighten up. Let’s just say it involved a high-speed car chase on the interstate, a bunch of hillbilly-rednecks throwing concrete blocks at him from their truck, a massive fight, Tony being knocked out by a claw hammer strike to the face, and re-constructive face surgery to put him back together. Another words...a rough night.

Tony met his wife Carolyn Curtis around 1990. Started off dating and has been married ever since. At that point, he realized that he wanted to do better with his life instead of living so crazy. Tony wanted to contribute that influence to his wife. Carolyn, back then, was the voice of reason for Tony telling him it was time to act right and not continue living the wild night-life. Tony knew it was time to start doing things more responsible. That was actually when, a few years later, he decided to buy the gym. This was a turning point in life for Tony to act right and be more responsible. Tony always kept a job. He never let partying effect his job but he would get a little crazy on the weekends. At this point, with the help of his parents and good friend David, he was able to own the gym.

Back to just owning the one gym, Tony decided that he wanted to get into the NPC world. This was the “National Physique Committee”. Tony wanted to become a NPC judge and a show promoter. Tony knowing Pete Fancher, from when he bought the gym from him, was the Florida Central District Chairman. From there, Tony contacted Pete and asked him what he would need to do to become a judge. He then went through and began filling out paperwork and started the process of test judging. After passing the test judging qualifications, Tony has now been a NPC judge for going on 18 years. Then Tony began to promote his own bodybuilding competitions about 15 years ago.

Around ten years later in around 2008, the economy started going south. Tony realized that he was going to need to diversify himself a little because, at that time, the gym business was not working out well. People were struggling in general and they didn’t have the money to go to the gym. It was at that time that Tony had the idea for a clothing company. He had always had the idea to start one at some point in his life. Being in the gym business, Tony has always seen the clothing industry come and go with all the different brands that passed through. Tony then decided that he wanted to take his stab at it. Tony had a name in his head for a clothing line. The name that he had, is as we all know now, is “Monsta” “Monsta Clothing”.

He then decided to contact, which is his partner, Chris. They collaborated together and built this business. Tony’s initial intension was to see if he could earn $100 a week/$400 a month, to help with the electric bill. Now, with a very little amount of money, Tony would never know what this would have grown into. Monsta Clothing being the business it is, with the help of Chris and the help of a lot of different people, the business has grown tremendously over the years. He has been very proud of how everything has went and it has been a great experience.

Curtis is very proud of the fact that he has been fortunate to be able to promoted many shows which include, The Central Florida, The Gateway Classic, The Gainesville Classic, The Daytona Beach Classic and now the Monsta Classic (with he promotes with partner Chris Cuadras). Being in the fitness industry has been very interesting for Tony. It has been a hard road at times and it has also been a great road at times. But trying to keep himself squeaky clean and neutral can be very cut-throat. But Tony has been able to keep himself clean and do the right thing and be honest with people and it’s paid off by being able to own his own gym, NPC judge, NPC promoter and clothing line.

Tony’s life really has become a dream come true. From back at Bernett’s Gym many many years ago, Tony never thought it would turn into this. He remembered doing his first set of curls and getting that first pump. Tony then realizing he was hooked. Then seeing his first pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger. You obviously know that everyone knows of Arnold and Arnold was a huge inspiration back then and still is now. That is what makes him keep doing the things he does and Tony tries to infiltrate himself in the business, meaning the fitness industry, more, more and more.

He has tried many things, like owning three gyms at one time, two of them not working out, but the other one staying around for almost 25 years. And now 25 years later, they have seven gyms in the town and is still going strong. Curtis realizes that life is not perfect, but it’s one hell of a ride. It has been a great experience and he wouldn’t change anything he has done about it because it has lead him to be in the position he is now (in life, his family and his businesses).

In the famous words of Tony Curtis... “Gotta Go.”

About Monsta Clothing

Said to be the biggest question we have been asked: “How did Monsta get started?” We will take you through the journey that is the birth of Monsta Clothing Company. It all started with an idea that Co-Founder Tony Curtis had for possibly adding some clothing to his existing gym “Future Fitness” in Lake City Florida. It was around 2008 and the housing market caused a huge financial crash around the U.S. and businesses from high and low were fealing the pressure. At that time, Tony was trying to think of something to help with his gym business of over ten years. He had always wanted to start a clothing line.

Being in the fitness industry and being focused in the cult world of bodybuilding, Tony thought of a name that would sum up the grueling training and lifestyle of the world of bodybuilding and then it came to him. Everyone wants to get big... everyone wants to be a “MONSTA”. Tony liked the slang usage of the word and how it rolled off the tongue so casual. It had a very street feel to it and stayed with him for a while, constantly playing in the back of his head, waiting for the right time to pursue it.

Tony has been in the bodybuilding industry for a long time. First as a competitor, then later on worked his way up to become a judge in the National Physique Committee (NPC). This is the largest bodybuilding organization in the world and it was a part of Tony’s life.

The time was just right to start looking into a way to breath life into (what was at the time only an idea) what would be come a future powerhouse clothing line in the fitness industry. Like all great stories, there has to be challenges and obstacles that would need to be overcome. This story would be no different.

Problem One: Tony could not draw if his life depended on it. He barely could draw a straight line. For goodness sake, just look at his signature! It looks like when you get a new pen and test it out on a sheet of paper to get the ink to start coming out. So Tony thought “How the hell am I going to build a look for a clothing line when I can’t even come up with a logo for it?”

(Now for a little back story) As the owner of one of the local gyms in his small town of Lake City Florida, he has the ability to meet a lot of people coming through his gym. He met a guy who had starting working out at his gym by the name of Chris Cuadras. He was married to a life-long friend of him and his wife. Like all time in the gym, you make conversations with people to get to know your members. At that time, Tony found out that Chris was a Graphic Designer from the big city. Interested in seeing what he could produce, the two talked about re-doing the gyms brand logo.

Hold up!! This guy just moved to town from Miami Beach Florida. (Wait a minute... why would anyone move from a tropical paradise like Miami Beach to a small country town like Lake City you might ask?) Well, love will make people do crazy things. Love made Chris follow his future wife to her small town in hopes of making a new life with her and raising a family in a small town community where everyone knows one another.

Back to the story. Chris designed the new gym logo and Tony loved it! It is the gyms logo still to this day. After planting roots in Lake City, Chris ended up starting up his own graphic design firm.

Tony knew of his talents and thought he would be the perfect person to ask for help with his idea for the Monsta brand of clothing. One day in late 2008, Tony called Chris and asked him if he could stop by his office to talk with him about a project he needed help with. Being good friends with Tony, Chris gladly excepted to help him out. They both met at Chris’s office, sat down and starting catching up on personal family outings. Then the famous words were spoken: “Hey man, I need help with a logo for clothing line I always wanted to start called Monsta. Could you help me out a come up with a logo for it?”

This being what Chris specialized in being corporate branding for new and existing companies, this was right in his wheel-house. Chris said “No problem.” and the two discussed some basic ideas they both had. Tony left and in typical Chris fashion, he knocks out a logo in a day. Chris had a gift for knowing what sells well and what people would be attracted to. Now you must know that Chris wasn’t a bodybuilder, but he worked out his whole life. He always had a passion for bodybuilding but never dove in the deep end of this industry. Life was about to change for the both of them in a way they would never have dreamed. With the creation of the logo, the spark was lit and the dream was coming to life.

With excitement, Chris went to Tony to show him the logo he had created and Tony had only one thing to say: “Damn! That’s bad as fuck!” Seeing the dream starting to come to life, Tony then asked Chris his next favor. “Can you help me figure out how to put this logo on some shirts? I have no idea what to do and I could use your help.” Chris excited to see the progression, quickly made some phone calls to some contacts he had in the industry and arranged for some shirts to be made.

The first set of shirts came off the press. Tony and Chris saw them together and were like “Damn! These look bad as fuck!” They both went to their homes and a little time passed. Then the infamous day came when Tony called Chris on a Sunday afternoon to ask, yet again, for another favor. Tony called and said: “Hey Chris, could you help me with a website for Monsta Clothing?” At the time, no money changed hands as it was one friend helping another friend out. But now the work was about to get real. Knowing that building a website was no joke and took a lot of work, Chris had a thought. Chris said: “Tony, I would be glad to help you with a website, but you wouldn’t be able to afford my rates for building this kind of website. Plus I am seeing a trend that is going to follow with continual favors and help requested to progress this line in the future. I can get really expensive if these projects continue. I see some definite potential with your idea for a clothing line and have an idea. How about the two of us go in a 50/50 partners on this deal? I will handle the creative development of the brand and you will handle the financial books and industry insider knowledge aspect. “ Tony paused for a second and said: “Deal! You’re on.” With that said, the partnership was formed and Monsta Clothing was born. They talked for a little while and sealed the deal with a man-to-man handshake where the famous words were spoken. Tony said: “I am a man of my word. If I say I’m gonna do something, you can take that to the bank. All I have in the world is my balls and my word and I ain’t gonna break either of them for nobody!” Chris agreed (and laughed as he knew he quoted “Scarface”)

Over the next few weeks, they developed a game-plan which included their equal contribution, as startup money, of $1500 a piece to begin building their empire. Tony and Chris discussed how they would start out by going to local bodybuilding shows, set up a booth and sell some clothing to see how people responded. The problem is that they realized they needed some more funds to get a little push with startup inventory, website development and pull-behind trailer for going to the show. They started out by building a small retail space in Tony’s gym to sell to the members of Future Fitness. We knew we were either on to something or conveniently lucky when we actual sold our first $200 worth of goods on the same day we were setting up our display trying to get all the merchandise open for general sales. (We were not even open yet and we made $200! Not a bad way to start!)

Plugging along on our website development, we realized it was time to see about a loan to start up the business. What better way to get a loan than to hit up family! At the time, Tony’s father was a very reputable banker here in town and we set up time with him to pitch our idea and business plan. After our meeting, Bob Curtis (Tony’s dad) was sold on the idea and granted us a personal loan of $10,000 to start up our initial push. Even though we knew this was family, we wanted to do this straight up where we paid back (with interest) on this loan. We were very fortunate and blessed that Mr. Curtis was willing to take a chance on us, so we felt it would only be right to make sure that he had some return on his investment.

Now, I will fast-forward through time as we went to bodybuilding events, learned from customer wants and desires and focused our business on what we felt was a growing success. After starting the official business in January of 2009, we launched our website with fingers crossed and starting seeing a few orders coming in. Now when I say that we come from humble beginnings, I want you to try and picture this. Everything we owned was stored in the small pull-behind trailer that we took to the shows. So what we had for sell online was also in that same trailer. Since I handled the website aspect of the business, Tony said he would help with pulling and processing orders. As I would get orders coming in, I would call Tony that night and go over the list of items he needed to pull out of the trailer bins for us to package up and ship out. You are probably think “Ok. What’s the big deal?” Now picture it with Tony in his bright-white tighty whities and flip-flops outside, in his driveway, in the middle of the night, with a flashlight in his mouth, digging through bins searching for the right size shirt that I just gave him. It’s hot as hell outside, he is sweating like crazy, the flashlight keeps slipping out of his mouth and wedging itself between the stacks of shirts. All Chris could hear is Tony dropping the phone, throwing out some flavorful curse words as he scrambles to find the flashlight. Then, after pulling the shirt Chris asked for and Tony closes up the bin, Chris then forgets he also needs another of the same shirt for another order. So Tony has to go through the same pain-in-the-ass process all over again! Oh yeah. Don’t forget he is still in his underwear outside in his driveway. Image the sight as the neighbors drive home and see a 280 pound man in his underwear outside digging through a trailer with a flashlight in his mouth.

It wasn’t very long until we outgrew the trailer and we had to make a choice on what to do next. So Chris decided to give up his two car garage and move Monsta storage into it. Tony, being the KING of organization helped transform the garage into a well organized area to store the merchandise. It didn’t help that Chris, wife Michele and two small kids Dominic and Bella would constantly go in there and wreck the place. As time went on, two racks turned to four racks. Then four racks turned to eight racks. Before we knew it, we had crammed 4 full isles into the garage making it a full-on mini warehouse. It was so tight and crammed, we didn’t even have enough room to walk straight down the isles. We had to walk down sideways like a crab. Don’t get them started on talking about trying to turn while in the isles. That would almost cause a domino effect and knock all the isles over. Some would have called it a fire hazard, we called it cozy and profitable! The business kept growing, new designs were being launched almost weekly. The small 2 car garage was no match for the growing (busting-at-the-seems) needs of the small booming business.

The time had come to branch out once again and invest in our first rental space. We picked up a small 1200 sq ft converted law office and turned it into our new headquarters. We thought we hit it big-time now with all this room, right? WRONG! The website sales grew so fast that the once big converted law office became over-ran with more and more racks for storage. Every room was used wall-to-wall with barely any walking room. The hallways were being used storage (fire hazard), the kitchen cabinets in the house were being used for storage, and even the bathrooms had to house boxes. It got so bad that we had to even rent a 40 yard outside storage unit to be brought to the property to house more merchandise. It was nuts! Business was growing. Sales were coming in non-stop, we were picking up distributors around the world, shipping out to over 80 countries and counting. This was all new territory for Tony and Chris.

In 2015, the business was solid and they were at their max end with the ability to produce and storage what they had in the small office space. The time had come for them to build! They designed up and created, what is now to be, their world headquarters. Bringing in-house production, storage, customer service, shipping and even an actual store-front for the general public to shop from. From Tony in his underwear pulling orders, to a 5000 sq ft fulling pimped-out warehouse with a staff of at least ten employees.

To sum up this history lesson into the life of Monsta Clothing, Chris and Tony would like to say that they are still growing, always improving and overwhelmingly grateful for the millions of fans, customers and supporters who all made it possible to make this small town dream come to a very real success story. To the Monsta Nation out there.... We salute you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and get ready for more greatness form us here at the Monsta Clothing Company.

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