The top 10 must-have athleisure pieces for 2019

Athleisure is all the rage right now – and for good reason! With everyone from supermodels to singers to professional athletes sporting this style on the streets, why wouldn’t you want to jump on this comfortable bandwagon? Check out these must-have athleisure pieces and kick off the new year in some trendy gym gear that […]

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How to Get Big on a Budget: 7 Steps for Cheap Muscle Building

big on a budget

In 2017, about 61 million Americans held gym memberships. Between paying bills, buying groceries, and spending money on any other expenses, you might not have enough money to maintain your physical fitness. You probably dread the costs of expensive protein supplements and nutrient-rich foods along with your monthly gym membership fee. While it’s true that […]

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Winter Fitness: How to Stay Safe When Exercising in the Cold

winter fitness

Do you think that you need to stop working out this winter simply because it’s cold outside? Think again! Even if you live in a place where the temperature drops below freezing on a regular basis, you can still get good workouts in outside as long as you’re committed to maintaining your winter fitness. But […]

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How to Optimize Your Strength Training Exercises

strength training exercises

The new year is here and that means a massive influx of tourists hanging out in gyms. As a matter of fact, some gyms see as high as 40% membership gains between December and the end of January. While people committing to getting fit at the beginning of each year can feel played-out, we still […]

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Shredded Women: A Look at Professional Female Bodybuilders

professional female bodybuilders

The first bodybuilding competition called The Great Show came into fruition in the late 1800’s. This is after the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used lifting weights as a circus sideshow that had nothing to do with increasing one’s strength. From there, bodybuilding grew into a large corporation. This of course, sparked the rise of the […]

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The Top 10 Best Male Bodybuilders of All Time (And Why)

male bodybuilders

Whether you’re a bodybuilding beginner or you’ve been lifting for years, the motivation to work out doesn’t come any bigger or better than professional bodybuilders. With unprecedented combinations of leanness and muscular definition, the ground-breaking physiques of bodybuilders show us what we are all capable of. And, although genetics certainly play a role, you don’t […]

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Gym Bag Essentials: The Gear You Should Bring to the Gym

gym bag essentials

Studies show that the number of memberships to fitness centers has been steadily increasing over the last decade! Even for seasoned gym-goers, finding the motivation to get up and go to the gym can be difficult. There are movies to watch, friends to see, and food to eat! Don’t let this stand in your way. […]

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6 Healthy Meals to Try Before Your Workout

healthy meals

Hands up if you’re in a love-hate relationship with food before the gym. For many people, after you’ve finished work for the day and you’re heading home for a workout, healthy meals are the last thing on your mind. You don’t want to eat because you’re worried about being lethargic, and if you don’t eat, […]

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How Your Gym Clothes Improve Your Physical Wellness

physical wellness

Have you ever purchased new clothes and felt better overall? Purchasing new gym clothes can actually enhance and motivate individuals to seek after improving their physical wellness. Let’s talk about what happens mentally when you purchase new clothing and how it works to motivate you. Clothing is Linked To Physical Wellness “Enclothed cognition” is the […]

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The Muscle Tank Workout Routine You Need to Follow

muscle tank

When it’s time to fill out a muscle tank in style, then it’s time for a workout that will tone and grow your guns! In this workout routine, we’re going to focus only on your arms. It’s going to be intense. Because we’re not working any other large part of the body, we’ll keep the […]

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Your Essential Guide to Choosing a Great Gym

choosing a gym

Deciding to start going to the gym is a huge decision, especially since most people put off making that decision for a while. But once you’ve made it, you have to actually find a gym that suits you and your needs. You might be thinking that most gyms are the same, but not all gyms […]

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7 Awesome Bodybuilder Gift Ideas

bodybuilder gift ideas

Do you have friends or family members who are bodybuilders? Would you like to buy them awesome Christmas presents they’ll truly appreciate? Whether your gift-giving budget is large or small, you’ve come to the right place. These awesome bodybuilder gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your friends’ faces. Most importantly, these gifts […]

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A Complete Ketogenic Diet Plan for Beginners

The ketogenic diet plan, which is a low carb diet that focuses on putting your body into a state called ketosis, turns your body into a fat-burning machine. We’ll show you how. Rather than using glucose to power up your day, your body turns fat into ketones that provide your body with an endless and […]

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How to Incorporate Carbs into Your Body Sculpting Diet

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t eat carbs while body building. See how you can incorporate carbs into your body sculpting diet. The bad news: more than 80% of American adults don’t meet their strengthening and cardio minimums. The good news: you’re no longer one of them. If you’ve committed to making this the […]

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Macros: Simplified

Major Macros The 3 major Macros we’ll talk about Fats Protiens Carbs Alcohol PROTEIN What is Protien? A fan favorite. Everyone loves protein. A reasonable amount of protein intake will help to build muscle and prevent muscle loss, it also curbs appetite and lets you feel fuller for longer periods of time than any other […]

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How to find the right Personal Trainer

A personal fịtness traịner ịs a mentor and motịvator who guịdes people one on one through workout routịnes consịstent wịth the clịent’s goals. Personal traịner ịs synonymous wịth personal fịtness traịner, fịtness traịner, physịcal traịner and Certịfịed Personal Traịner. A personal traịnịng program begịns wịth an ịndịvịdual consultatịon whịch ịncludes a fịtness assessment. Once the […]

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Are Fitness Wearables Worth It?

The True Value of Fitness Wearable Technology You probably own a wearable fitness device or perhaps you know someone who owns one. Apart from being informative, these gadgets also make working out fun and can come in handy in helping you track your calories to ascertain the effectiveness of your exercise regimen. However, the weight-loss […]

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