Gym Attire: What Not to Wear When Working Out

gym attire

Is your New Year’s resolution going to be to spend more time in the gym in 2019? You’re going to need to make sure that your gym bag is filled with the right kind of gym attire. You’ll set yourself up for long-term success and avoid breaking your New Year’s resolution by February like 80 percent […]

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Winter Workout Gear Guide: How to Select Winter Workout Clothes

winter workout clothes

The global sportswear market is worth around $350 billion. Every year, people are spending more and more on workout clothes. There are tons of different types of fitness clothing out there, from form-fitting fashion pieces to sports-specific, practical designs. The type that’s best for you will not only depend on your tastes and the type […]

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7 Things to Look for When Buying Workout Leggings

workout leggings

There’s no question that regular exercise and physical activity can have significant benefits to your overall health. It’s an important element of any weight loss goals and boosts heart health and muscle strength. Exercise can also be important for your mental health, as it is a way to release stress, anger, or frustration. Even knowing […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Gym Wear

fashion gym wear

Do you not know where to start when it comes to what to wear to the gym? With this rising trend of athleisure fashion, gone are the days of working out in a ratty T-shirt and stained sweatpants. Just last year the demand for sport leisure styles rose 17% from last year making $9.6 billion […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Exercise Apparel

exercise apparel

Owners of workout facilities around the country should rejoice to find that nearly one in six Americans is a gym rat. Another industry that will be happy to learn about this fact is the exercise apparel industry. However, as an athlete, you need to make sure the companies that you buy from have your best […]

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How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Your Workout

sports bra

A great workout can put a strain on many parts of your body. Your breasts are no exception. Strenuous exercise without proper support can actually strain your Cooper’s ligaments. These are the connective tissues responsible for preventing sagging. Choosing the right sports bra for your body and your workout regimen is key. Here are four […]

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How Do Muscle Shirts Boost Your Confidence?

muscle shirts

What you wear to the gym can tell others a lot about what kind of athlete you are. If you show up in a $100 outfit made of dry fit fabric, you are saying that you spend a lot on your gym look. But are you also that you put in the time? Muscle shirts […]

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8 Different Types of Fitness Clothing You Should Try

fitness clothing

Do you want fitness clothing that shows off your rockin’ bod but actually feels comfortable while working out? It can be hard to find that perfect combination while not copying the same trends of everyone else at the gym. Just like your diligent work ethic in your workout routine, you want fitness clothes that separate […]

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10 Women’s Fitness Apparel Trends You Should Know About

womens fitness apparel

Did you know over 80% of adults don’t meet the recommendations for a healthy balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise? This means well over half of all people aren’t receiving the benefits from consistent regular movement and muscle-strengthening activities. But this statistic surely doesn’t apply to you. You’re best friends with the gym and no […]

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The Top Ranked Fitness Apparel Brands of 2017

fitness apparel

Over the last several years, the fitness industry has only grown more and more popular. In fact, as of 2016, the number of Americans engaging in sports or other forms of physical exercise has grown by .5%, a number we’re certain will only continue to increase. Fitness has now become so popular, even new trends […]

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What’s the Best Material For Your Workout Tanks?

workout tanks

You might think that workout tanks are created equal. However, you’re dead wrong. Not only do high-quality tanks look better, they can also help to improve your workout. Workout tanks and other athletic wear are much more than meets the eye. In fact, athletic wear seems to be the only segment of retail outperforming dismal […]

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The Best Workout Tank Tops of 2017

best workout tank tops

Just because we are sliding into Fall doesn’t mean the end of the workout season. On the contrary, there is no workout “season.” Getting your body into the best shape you can is a fulltime, all year affair. You could take the shifting of the seasons though to shift your wardrobe. Are you still working […]

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7 Ideas for Women’s Fitness Clothing

womens fitness clothing

Exercise can be a bit of a catch-22: the less you do it, the less you want to do it. However, scientists say you need two and a half hours of aerobic exercise a week in order to stay in good health. If you have to do it, you might as well be comfortable. Take […]

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Why is Your Workout Clothing Material So Important

workout clothing material

Top athletes know the value of their sportswear. Simply put, your workout clothing material affects the quality of your training program. That’s why these big sports brands keep releasing new fitness clothes into the market. There are a few things to consider when choosing workout clothes: The type of fabric The fit The quality The […]

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Gym Wear for Men: 6 Workout Outfit Ideas You Need

gym wear for men

Hitting the gym in style is not always easy. The perfect gym wear for men is designed to focus on the muscle groups you work, while still being versatile enough to wear on multiple training days. You need the right combination of patterns and colors, too. The right gear can also depend on if you’ll […]

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The Best Gym Clothes for Your Fitness Lifestyle

best gym clothes

Americans spend over $60 billion dollars trying to lose weight every year. The cost of exercise includes more than just a monthly gym membership. It also includes buying apparel. But shopping for the best gym clothes doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to find the right clothes for you. We’ve got you covered […]

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How to Choose the Right Gym Clothes for Your Workout

gym clothes

Your gym clothes should work just as hard as you do. Of course, you want to look good while you workout. But you also need them to feel great while you’re pushing yourself to the limit. If the gym clothes you’re wearing make your workout uncomfortable, you might be restricted in the exercises you’re able […]

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What’s the Best Choice for Men’s Fitness Apparel?

mens fitness apparel

Wonder what to wear at the gym? Want to look cool without sacrificing comfort? If so, take a long look in the mirror before leaving home. What you’re wearing at the gym can make or break your progress. A tank top that’s too tight, for instance, will restrict your motion. The wrong fabrics can increase […]

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Fitness Clothes That Will Inspire You to Get Moving

fitness clothes

No matter good we know it will feel when we’re done, sometimes the motivation to workout is hard to summon. It can be easier to convince ourselves that skipping just one or two workouts won’t do that much harm. But that “one or two” can easily become more. If you’re having a hard time getting […]

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