A: Monsta Clothing now offers it's hard-core fans a way to get exclusively designed t-shirts (once a month). Once you sign-up, the $1 fee enrolls you and gives you the option to purchase that month’s shirt. Then your credit card will be billed $20 a month (for sizes small-XL), or $21 a month (for sizes 2XL-3XL). This monthly fee will automatically cover the cost of your subscription for each additional month.

A: As a Club Monsta Nation Member you will receive the following:

- Receive (1) exclusively designed shirt each month in your designated size (this item is already predetermined by the Monsta Creative Team). Each shirt will have the "CLUB MONSTA NATION" branded icon printed on the right sleeve to let everyone know you are an exclusive member.

- The shipping cost is FREE for this one item each month. We include it as part of the membership perks.

- The ability to purchase from past months of exclusive shirt designs. This would apply to members that sign up moving forward. For example, if you signed up in February, you would be able to purchase the January designed product. This same example will apply all the way to present day. The price would be the same membership price for your particular size. All you have to pay extra is standard shipping for this product. As an exclusive member, you all are the only people who will even have access to purchase these shirts. All other non-members will only be able to just drool over these bad-ass designs (or join the club and partake in the benefits).

- As a Club Monsta Nation Member you will also receive monthly exclusive deals and discount codes emailed to you that will not be open to the general public.

A: Your credit card will be billed at the first of each month in the amount of your desired plan.

A: Simple is NO. As part of being a Club Monsta Nation Member, we cover the cost of getting you your monthly shirt. The ONLY exception will be if you decide to purchase an exclusive designed monthly shirt from a previous month. Standard shipping rates will apply during checkout.

A: The charges for this subscription service are processed a month in advance. This means that the $1 charge will apply to your enrollment then your first will automatically ship out to you by the 8th of the following month.

A: As with any order on Monsta Clothing, you need to register first for an account. Assuming you are already a Club Monsta Nation Member, you should already be registered. Therefore, all you have to do is sign-in to your account and under your account settings, there will be specific locations for you where you can edit your shipping address and/or shirt size.

A: Since our payment processor is PayPal, they will send you an automatic email if your payment fails to go through. This email will have directions on what to do and where to go to update your payment info to continue your subscription service. For privacy policy of Monsta Clothing, we do not store and retain ANY credit card info of yours for cyber security. Everything payment related goes through PayPal as it has an encrypted security system in place to safeguard all your financial credit card info.

A: Your member shirt will be shipped out by the 8th of each and every month. Standard USPS delivery time-frames apply from that point forward.

A: Unfortunately, the answer is NO. The creative minds work hard trying to design the baddest shirt designs out there, so we decided to make it a surprise so you look forward to seeing what shows up. This forces you to live outside of your box and explore options you might not have considered.

A: We send notifications through email. So make sure to keep a look out for them!

A: Of course we would hate to see any of our members leave the club, but we understand that life happens and you could want out. All you have to do is contact us via email.

***PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your subject header states "Subscription Service Cancellation". And include your full name and "Please cancel my subscription service from the Club Monsta Nation." Your billing will be terminated from the next monthly billing cycle and on. So, once the first of the month has past, and your card has been billed, that month will not be refunded. The cancellation will apply to all months thereafter.

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