Breast Cancer Awareness Monsta Clothing

Breast Cancer Awareness
Monsta Clothing

Unless you have your head under a rock, we all know that Breast Cancer has been a growing issue for a lot of women around the world. More and more people are seeing the issue first hand or by witnessing someone they know deal with the problem. Monsta Clothing is wanting to throw its hat in the ring to try and show support through raising awareness using the color pink on select items and donating back to the victims that struggle with growing medical bills due to high treatment costs. There is a local charity, here in Lake City Florida, that has been growing in awareness and in effective contributions.

The charity is called Suwannee River Breast Cancer Awareness Association (SRBCAA). This charity uses 100% of all funds collected to help cancer victims/survivors with anything from medical bills to their light bills. The financial struggle is not just medical, but living an everyday life and dealing with cancer. Everything costs and bills add up in many different forms. Case workers evaluate each case need and helps out where it can.

Monsta Clothing decided to use the global outreach of Monsta Nation followers to raise funds to contribute to this cause. A large portion of all sales of Breast cancer specific products will be donated to the (SRBCAA). We will collect funds during the entire month of October and then disperse funds to the (SRBCAA) during the month of November. In an on going support of the cause, Monsta Clothing will leave the Breast Cancer Product section live year-round to continue to collect funds for the cause. We will make this an annual donation that we hope to do for many years to come. We thank, in advance, all those willing to support this cause to help those effected by Breast Cancer.